5th International Information Security Meet

5th International Information Security Meet “ Hakon’2018, END of Hacking & Cryptography & Quantum Computing will Save the World. New lock, new house
in a future world of quantum computers we will certainly have new encryption techniques, but the security of these techniques will be broadly comparable to those of today. The main reason of this is because the sources of weaknesses associated with encryption are likely to be just the same as they are today. Here’s why.
Encryption is essentially a locking mechanism. A lock needs a key. If you put the best lock money can buy on the door of a house then you can be confident that the lock itself will not be broken. Quantum computing represents a new type of house, quantum-safe encryption a new type of lock that is fit for that house.
But if someone wants to break into that house, and they know the lock is good, then they won’t try to bust the lock at all. Instead, they will look for other options. For example, they could try to steal the key or they could chuck a brick through the window. Broadly speaking, this is exactly what happens in most cyber security incidents today. Modern encryption is excellent, but we are less competent at protecting decryption keys and even worse at properly integrating encryption into wider systems. And don’t see this changing in a world of quantum computers, no matter how wonderful, whenever that will be.
HAKON- International Information Security meet is a unique event, where the best brains in Cyber Security Society with mandatory Steps TO SECURE DIGITAL INDIA – Moving Forward with the Information Security Leaders to make the dream of Digital INDIA SUCCESSFULLY. HAKON International Information Security Meet will be a stepping stone for young professionals, information security enthusiasts, hackers, coders, programmers, security and network professionals, web developers, government, specially Cyber Cell Officers and enterprise people and for all who cares about Information Security Seriously. We have successfully completed 4 years and we are ON for 5th, with a vision to spread awareness among the society & Nation; we are on our Journey to bring together, the brightest mind within the information security industry and the digital underground. This conference will showcase cutting edge tools, techniques, and methodologies that are at the forefront of the global threat landscape. Ninja’s Information Security convention is a platform for security analysts, ethical hackers, professionals, and students to present their technical research papers and show case their skills to be the witness of the most advanced talks in the field of Information Security with outstanding Speakers.

Objective of HAKON Meet

To SECURE DIGITAL INDIA and to spread Information Security awareness among the Society. HAKON is a common platform to Chief Information Security Officers, Security Analyst, Digital Forensic Expert, Young Professionals, Security Researchers along with Government officials and policy makers where everyone can showcase their expertise. The knowledge of Information Security Leaders to be used that will eventually help consumers, small and large businesses as well as the Government – secure and manage their information against more risks.

About The Organiser – Team Ninja

The conference is being organised by Ninja Info-Sec. Services Pvt. Ltd. Is an ISO 27001:2013 & 9001:2008 certified. We strives to be among the best in providing quality Information Security Solutions to its clients. Security is one of the major and an inevitable aspect for every online business out there in the internet ; Ninja specialises in Audit Assessment like Incidence Response, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Wireless Audit, Mobile Application Security Testing, Source Code Security Audit, Consulting and Compliance, ISO 27001,PCI-DSS and in Digital Forensics services like Bio-metrics, Cloud Computing Forensics, Computer Forensics Investigation, Cyber Crime Pattern ,Forensics Lab Setup, Mobile Sim Cards Forensics, Stenography / Stegno analysis, Wireless Forensics and Research & Training. Ninja understands this urgent need for safeguarding critical information and local networks in corporate sector and current set of measures to be taken to prevent these threats, alongside with practical recommendation on how to increase the security of the business world and the current business threats and safeguarding. With the constant evolution of technology, the information exchanged or disseminated in dispersed IT environment has implications of being exposed to various security threats on organisations technology, processes and people. Any security breaches to critical data may result in drastic financial loss, legal accountability, and reduced productivity with brand attrition.

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