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Hakon Submission Tips

1.) Submit

Submitting early does not mean that there is increases the chance of acceptance. Take your time to get with the only Theme Based International Information Security with Practical Implications in India.

2.) Technical Portrayal

The more concrete technical details you provide the better chance you have of getting accepted. Reviewers usually give low score to submissions that have very small or vague abstract and may not request for more details. The best way is to provide a supporting full technical paper that explains all the vulnerabilities, exploits etc in detail.

3.) Rejection Of Paper

Please take rejection as a proposal for enhancement somewhere in the paper and not as an felony. waning a paper does not mean your submission is not good. There are many parameters we look at when reviewing a paper, technical in-depth is only one of them. So, be optimism and get ready for the next submission.

4.) Appraisal Comments

We do not ask our review board for comments. If they have any comments, they write it down which we usually pass to the submitter. So, if we have comments we will pass it on. You don’t have to specifically ask for review comments. Also, for small and vague abstracts, or talks delivered previously we do not share any review comments.

Paper Submission Format

Paper Submission : HAKON’2019 { Paper Title }


  • Name Of Candidate : –
  • Time required :-
  • Submission Title :-
  • City and Country of residence
  • Organization and Designation
  • Contact Number
  • Have you presented or submitted this paper at any other conference(s) or magazine(s)?
    Yes, No. If yes, where? and how this submission is different from the previous ones.
  • Are you releasing an exploit?
    Yes/No. (If yes, please include the proof of concept with source and vulnerability details for review)
  • Are you releasing a new vulnerability/zero-day?
    Yes/No. (If yes, please send us the details, including reproduction procedure, for review)
  • Are there any live demonstrations ( Live demo is always added an advantage to your talks)?
    Yes/No. (If Yes, how many? Also please explain )
  • Brief Profile ( less than or equal to 500 Words)
  • Paper Abstract – Please provide detailed working or your research/work. The more details you provide the better it is for the reviewers. Please keep the abstract to the point. Please do not try to hide the technical details or say “I can’t disclose it like that” as it does not help the reviewers in any way and may give your paper a low score because of insufficient information available in the abstract.

  • Supporting technical details (Please attach full technical paper for review) – This is not a must if your abstract is technical and large enough for reviewers to understand your research fully. However, providing a full technical paper increases the chances of acceptance as reviewers get a better understanding of the technical capability.

  • Your high resolution snap (attached)

Important Dates

1.) CFP Opens: March 5th, 2019
2.) Abstract Submission deadline: August 10th, 2019
3.) Announcement of selected Abstracts: August 25th, 2019
4.) Full Paper Submission deadline: September 08th, 2019
5.) Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning,  Deep Learning, DevOps, Quantum Computing ;
6.) HAKON-2019 International Information Security Meet Date: October 13th, 2019
7.) Network Dinner, October 13th, 2019 from 8 PM onwards


    • Quantum Computing – A Beginning of New Digital AGE with Security Measures
    • Quantum Computers – Why We Need Quantum Computers.
    • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Enters 2019 -The Future is Intelligence….
    • Bitcoin Forensics
    • Deep Learning, Machine Learning
    • The AI Artifact – The Shifting Paradigm……….
    • Digital Forensics
    • Insecure and Dangerous IOT Hacks
    • Human Race in Danger – IOT Hacks
    • Digital Forensics
    • Cloud Forensics
    • An Executive Thief – An Unscrupulous Magician
    • Underground Rules
    • Technology & The Silent Economy
    • I2P – The Massive Killer
    • Analysis of POS Malware
    • The Evolution of RanSomewhere
    • Hijacking The HTTPS
    • Everything GEO Related – GPS Hacking
    • Hacking Goes to Terrorist
    • White is the New Black: Why White Data Really Matters
    • Cockroach Analysis: A Statistical Analysis of the Flash and Java Files that Infest the Internet
    • Tap On, Tap Off: Onscreen Keyboards and Mobile Password Entry
    • Betting BIOS Bugs Won’t Bite Y’er Butt?
    • Don’t Look Now! Malicious Image Spam
    • There’s Waldo! Tracking Users via Mobile Apps
    • Colby Moore and Patrick Wardle
    • No Budget Threat Intelligence: Tracking Malware Campaigns on the Cheap
    • Practical Machine Learning for Network Security
    • Micronesia: Sub-kernel Kit for Host Introspection in Determining Insider Threat
    • The Internet of TR-069 Things: One Exploit to Rule Them All
    • The Dark Art of Data Visualization
    • Knock Knock: A Survey of iOS Authentication Methods
    • Five Not-Totally-Crazy Ways to Build for Usability
    • 0wn the Con
    • NSA Playset: USB Tools
    • The Mile High Club: Getting Root at 40,000 Feet
    • Rethinking Security’s Role in CS Education

TO Submit the paper please send your Call for Paper to,

Call For Posters

Hakon POSTER Submission Tips

[Application will be Closed – 08 Sept, 2019]

Thank you for your participation! Proposers should expect an update on the status of their proposals in Mid-September 2019

Are you involved in an interesting project or in an area of work that you would like to discuss with or show to HAKON delegates? Why not present your research work in the HAKON-2019 Poster Sessions?

Design Appearance

Your topic could be described on a printed poster or by photographs, graphics and pieces of text that you attach to the presentation panel. All HAKON official languages – Hindi, English, French, Chinese, German, Russian and Spanish – are welcome.
For printed posters, the standard poster size of DIN A0 841mm wide x 1189mm high is the minimum size. It is recommended that a printed poster be no larger than 900mm wide and 1900mm high.

If you are using photographs, graphics and pieces of text, these should also fit within the area of 900mm wide and 1900mm high.

Presenters of a poster will be expected to be present on 13th OCT 2019 at HAKON DAY a small session will be available in order to explain their poster and to hand out any leaflets, or other information materials, they have available for viewers of their poster. Each presenter can therefore only present one poster. Any organization that submits more than one application should indicate a priority to their submissions or confirm there will be enough staff members available for the presentation.

All Poster Proposals are subject to approval by HAKON POSTER Committee. Please complete the application form to submit a proposal.

It is important that applicants describe how they intend to illustrate the project in the poster format. The poster has to be an experience in itself for the one who looks at it – and should show awareness of the format of a poster-session and its purpose.

Special consideration will be given to ensure that a variety of topics and geographical/cultural range will be represented.

The deadline is 05 September 2019. After the deadline applications will no longer be accepted.
A jury representing the HAKON Poster Committee will review all submissions and decide which Posters will be accepted.

Best HAKON Poster 2019

At HAKON-2019, The jury will select the winner of the Best HAKON Poster 2019 based on the criteria below:

Does the topic of the poster:

  • Look interesting and/or inspiring;
  • Look lively;
  • Lend itself to a poster session; is not too abstract;
  • Present new ideas or present an application of technology;
  • Appear to be clearly explained;
  • Not duplicate another poster, nor have the same presenter as another poster (a presenter must be present during the poster session to explain the poster to viewers);
  • Have a relationship to the theme of the END OF HACKING & CRYPTOGRAPHY – QUANTUM COMPUTERS WILL SAVE THE WORLD.;
  • Have a clear perspective;
  • Describe a project that is ongoing or near completion, not one that is yet to start.


[Application closed: 05 September 2019]

Deadline for receipt at HAKON of the application form and a detailed description of the poster session.

[September 15 2019]

TEAM HAKON will inform applicants of the final decision of the HAKON Poster Committee.

[September 25 2019]

Posters to be placed on the Web.

[13th October 2019]

Poster sessions at the HAKON-2019


Please contact: